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Tips to Remove Lead from Water

Lead is found in water and it’s one of the biggest environmental threats. This mineral is also a health hazard. Water has different things in it, and so many ingredients that can cause health issues. One of the most dangerous ingredients is lead.


This is a neurotoxin that was widely used as a building material for pipes. The system of pipelines has not changed, and the use of lead still lingers, this becomes the primary resource of the material in water. There are different types of water filter in the market that efficiently removes the threat of lead from water. Let’s explore some good Lead filters available.


Filter pitchers


Pitchers are good for filtering water and remove lead. Regular ones have coconut-based activated carbon material. These also have ion exchange resin to remove lead from water. You will get portable pitchers and for personal use. They are affordable, and energy-efficient at the same time. Filter pitchers come with WQA certification which offers 99% lead removal from drinking water.


Reverse osmosis filters


This is another best type of Lead water filter, also capable of removing 94 to 97 percent of lead from drinking water. RO or river osmosis technology is very beneficial for safe drinking water. You will get commercial and personal uses with this system. However, RO technology is not a full-proof solution for lead removal, for that use a carbon filter cartridge. This will ensure completely pure water.


Faucet Mount Units


Faucet mounts are useful when you install them over the water tap. This is an important item when you move into a new home. Faucets are capable of removing pharmaceutical products, chlorine, lead, microbiological cysts, mercury, disinfection products, and so on. These units do not require electricity to operate, as they will work based on the pressure of water coming from the tap. If the water supply in your home is not more than 50 scales, then you need to install a water pump on the mainline. Also, water faucets need frequent replacements, and they are cheap investments.


Under-counter purifiers


One of the most used water filters is under counter ones. These do not have reverse osmosis technology, as they have a different system. Under counter, filters are capable of removing 99.9% lead from drinking water. Under the sink, filters are also available with temperature control, and it doesn’t store lead in the containers. The installation is easy and cost-effective.


Whole house filter


When you install a filter for your entire house, you can ensure the good health of your family members. This will effectively purify the water of the entire house, and you can avoid waterborne health hazards. The best filters you can get for a hundred gallons are, 15ppb and 25ppb. For commercial places go for a 100ppb filter.


Showerhead filter 


To save your hair from lead hemodiafiltration, it’s best to install a shower head filter. This will prevent the water to get in direct contact with your skin. Showerhead filters remove 99.95 lead from water. It also reduces the same that comes from water warmers.


Before you buy a Lead water filter, you must check the type that is suitable for your requirement. Also, purchase the same from a reliable seller.


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What You Must Know About Point Of Entry Filtration System

When you want to get water free from any kind of contamination to keep you and your family healthy then you will have to choose the right water filtration system for your home. It is not easy to choose the most suitable filter for your home as first of all you will have to find the type of contaminants you want to remove from your water. Moreover, various types of water filtration systems are available in the market like point-of-entry filtration system and point-of-use filtration systems, etc.

Normally people prefer to use a point-of-entry filtration system in their home as it can filter the water for the entire home. But before installing a POE filtration system you should know about its suitability for your home and other important things discussed here under.

What is a point-of-entry filtration system?

In order to meet the requirement of filtered and clean water people usually install water filtration systems. But to find the most suitable filtration system for your home you should find out the contaminants you want to remove from the water.

Point-of-entry filtration systems are designed to filter the supply of water in your entire home. This kind of filter system can provide your filtered water at every outlet in your home in a very convenient and cost-effective manner. They are named point-of-entry filters because of the filter the water as it enters into your home to provide pure water at every water outlet in the home without installing additional filters on other points.

Reasons to install a Point-of-Entry Water Filter

  • You can easily get purified water at every outlet in the home by installing a point-of-entry filtration system
  • They reduce the cost of installation and maintenance water filter system in a home

When to install a point-of-entry filtration system?

When you are using water extracted from a private source instead of municipal water then it is necessary to install a filter at the point of entry of water into your home. It can ensure the quality of drinkable water in your home by purifying the entire supply of water. You can use this water not only for drinking purposes but for other uses also like cooking, washing, and cleaning, etc.

What a POE filter can remove from the water?

You can remove a wide range of contaminants and impurities from the entry supply of water in your home by installing a point of entry ultrafiltration system. The filter cartridges used in these filters are very complex and efficient to remove the following contaminants from the water.

  • Chemical contaminants like VOCs, chlorine and its associates, pesticides, and herbicides, etc. due to activated carbon filters used in them
  • Sediments like sand, rust, and other particles suspended in the water.
  • Chemicals like scale, fluoride, heavy metals, and odors and taste by removing KDF form it
  • Bacteria like cryptosporidium, giardia, and cysts, etc. can be removed with the help of Ceramic and nano filters used in POE filtration system

Thus, a point-of-entry filtration system can help in providing purified water in your entire home by removing contaminants from it.

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