How To Choose The Right Golf Dresses For Women Golfers

There is no denying the fact that golf is becoming a highly popular and much-followed sport not only for men but also for women. Compared to the popularity of the game around 30 to 40 years back, today there are thousands of women, many of them in their early 20s who are ready to take this sport seriously. This was perhaps not the case around two or three decades back. The sport, then, was considered to be an upper-class one and more numbers of middle-aged women were seen playing the game rather than the younger generation.

Changing Dress Codes

 However, things are changing and there could be many reasons for this. There is more money today in women’s golf and television, internet and other means of communication have resulted in more exposure to women’s golf. Further, there also is one more important reason for the growing popularity of women’s golf and it is the dress code. Compared to the strict dress code that was prevalent even around two decades ago, things are beginning to change quite a bit. Many golf clubs and golfing event managers are becoming liberal and are allowing dresses code that would have been a strict taboo even a decade ago. In this article, we will try and get to know more about the possible dress codes. It might be the right mix between comfort and the need to be in line with the dress codes that are suggested by clubs.

 You May Not Always Have To Follow The Trend

While being trendy, modern and contemporary is important for women golfer, just going against the dress code for the sake of it may not be the way forward. You should choose a middle path. Further, you also need to take into account the comfort factor so that you are not found struggling on the golf ground. Golf is a tough sport and involves quite a bit of walking, and swinging of arms and legs. You should not be hamstrung by tight dresses. At the same time, if you are a young woman golfer, there is nothing wrong with wearing bottoms that expose a bit of the thigh. You also could go in for tops with sleeveless designs as long as they are comfortable.

 Skirts are The In Thing

Many women prefer short skirts because it helps them to remain cool especially when the weather is hot. It also allows the legs to get the warmth and on a cold day, it could help in giving the much needed hot massage to the leg muscles. However, make sure that the length of the skirt does not raise eyebrows or become a problem as far as the length is concerned. Make sure that the height is perfect and you should attract controversies.

 The Fascinating World Of Skorts

Skorts are also becoming quite popular and they are capable of offering the best of both worlds as far as a golfer is concerned. Skorts, as the name suggests, is something in between golf skirt and golf shorts. It has a fabric panel and it covers the front side of the shorts. For the outsiders, it will look like you are wearing a skirt. It does offer peace of mind when a woman golfer is bending or leaning. The players can concentrate on the game rather than being worried about flashing the knickers to the players who could be lined up behind you.