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Factors to Know About Fraxel Laser Therapy


If you are feeling highly self-conscious about the acne scars, pigmentation, sun damage, and wrinkles on your face, then there’s a way you can treat the issues and make them go away. If you have some scars on your face and that’s making you anxious whenever you step outside, then it’s best to get rid of that nuisance.

With Fraxel laser therapy, you can get the best benefits. This is not an invasive therapy, so you won’t have to stay on bed rest for weeks. You just have to follow some mild restrictions from the doctor or the experts. Let’s know more about this therapy in this article.

How does Fraxel laser therapy work?

Many people have this question and the answer is there are different types of treatment in this section but the experts use the same mechanism. Also, the Fraxel laser cost in OKC will not be that different. It simply replaces the old cells with new ones. Laser therapy works from the inside of your skin and makes it new. It instigates the production of collagen and with this the natural healing process in the body increases.

How to prepare for Fraxel laser therapy?

The professionals will tell you to make sure that your face has no open wounds or infections Bella fill acne scars cost. You also have to stop using face products that have retinoids in them. On the day of the therapy, you will go through the numbing session for 45 minutes. After this, you will get laser therapy for 20 to 30 minutes.

Does this therapy hurt? 

The moment you hear laser, the first thing that may come to your mind about those action movie laser beams, that cut through people. But you can relax because professional clinics or even non-professionals will never commit a crime! This laser therapy is perfectly safe, the only thing you will feel tiny prickling, but your face is numb, so it will not be a problem either.

What is the downtime of this treatment?

You may not have to wait to show your face for a month, but you have to wait for three to five days to get rid of the swollen skin. Your face may look like a raw piece of meat, it will be reddish, and the skin might peel too. You also have to opt for at least four-session, which will be six to eight weeks apart. So, it will be best to take some days off from the office and after that appear looking like a new doll.

What is required for the aftercare?

The experts will warn you against any harsh products on your skin of acne scar treatment OKC. They might suggest you use mild ingredients that soothe the swelling and redness. You can make a solution at home using ice water and milk. This will soothe your skin faster than any other chemicals on the market.

The cost of Fraxel laser therapy

The cost matters in the case of Fraxel laser cost in OKC. However, it will also depend on the clinic you have selected. You have to estimate over a thousand dollars for a full session.

There are no serious side effects to this therapy other than redness and a puffy face. If you still get acne you have to use antibiotic medicines.

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