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Different Types Of CCTV Surveillance Cameras

There is no doubt that CCTVs for homes are becoming a necessity rather than being looked at a choice. With an increasing number of robberies and other crimes, there is a need to protect the home, the properties inside it and also the inmates from any type of damage, loss or injury. CCTVs might also be required for monitoring your young children, pets and also elderly people suffering from infirmities and other physical challenges. However, you must have the right knowledge and information so that you can make the right choice of camera. In this article, we will have a look at the most commonly used and popular types of cameras that are suited for home use.

Dome CCTV Cameras

These are perhaps the most commonly used cameras for surveillance, indoor security applications and alarm system in Indianapolis. They get their name because of their dome-shaped housing in which they are housed. The UMES housings make the CCTV obtrusive. In other words, they are not hidden on covert. Hence, they could be the best choice if you wish to have a security solution that is visually deterring to the wrongdoers. The dome shape also makes it difficult for outsiders to find out the direction that the cameras are facing.

Bullet CCTV Cameras

These cameras have a unique cylindrical, long and tapered shape. They look more like a rifle bullet. They are suitable for long-distance viewing. They generally do not have zoom/tilt/pan facilities. They can capture images from a specific or fixed location and they point only at a particular area. It can be ceiling-mounted or wall-mounted and is best suited for indoor use. It can, however, be used for some special types of outdoor applications. It can be protected from the elements of nature if they are housed in protective casings.

C-Mount CCTV Camera

These cameras have lenses that are detachable and therefore they can be fitted in different applications. While standard cameras can at best cover distances ranging from 35 and 40 feet, a good c-mount CCTV camera can cover a distance that is greater than 40 feet. However, it might require special lenses to capture clear images beyond 40 feet.

Day/Night CCTV Cameras

As the name suggests, the day-night camera has the unique advantage of audio video installation in normal and poorly lit lighting conditions. They do not have infrared illuminators and this helps them to capture images in different light conditions and also in the dark. These cameras are considered ideal for outdoor surveillance. In outdoor environments, infrared cameras cannot function optimally. They have a dynamic range of functions and can capture quality images in poor lighting conditions, and also when there is direct sunlight, or glare and reflections either on the camera lenses or on the subject or the area that is being covered.

Infrared/Night Vision CCTV Cameras

When you install a night vision camera, you are installing a device that has infrared capabilities. This technology helps the cameras to see images even if there are zero lightings available. This is possible because it uses infrared LEDs and therefore they are considered the best where the lighting conditions are zero or extremely poor.