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How A DWI Defense Lawyer Can Help You?

A lawyer who helps the people charged for driving while intoxicated by drinking is known as a DWI defense lawyer. In some states, drunk driving is known as ‘driving while intoxicated’ or DWI and in others it is ‘driving under the influence or DUI. So the person, who deals with DWI, as well as DUI laws, is a DUI or DWI defense lawyer depending upon the legal definition of drunk driving in the state.

So, the lawyers dealing the cases under DWI laws must have a thorough knowledge of the drunken driving rules and laws applicable in different states. The cases related to DWI usually include legal consideration of different types like damage to property, physical injuries, cancellation of license, etc. Thus the Fort Bend DWI defense lawyer should be able to deal with the drunken driving cases with all of their aspects.

How a DWI defense attorney can help his clients?

A DWI attorney has to do various works of very particular types while handling a DWI case like:

  • Investigating and collecting the facts that caused arrest under DWI laws, more particularly when damage to property or an accident is involved
  • Collect admissions and statements of the witnesses
  • Inform his clients about the range penalties for charges under DUI or DWI laws
  • Make possible researchto defend the charges for drunken driving
  • Handle documentation for the court and other law related paperwork
  • During the hearings in the court represents his clients
  • During trial presents defenses and arguments
  • If required, he also helps his clients in appeals

Along with all these works, sometimes a DWI defense lawyer also works as an arbitrator between both parties, his client and the opposition, as done by insurance companies, the police, and other people.

Some of the penalties for DUI or DWI

The penalties for DWI or DUI usually include some criminal fines as well as jail for up to one year. These penalties are for the charges of non-serious nature. It can also lead to suspension or loss of driving license for a certain period of time. These penalties can increase depending upon the seriousness of the crime like serious physical injury to the other person etc. or committing offense repeatedly.

Can these penalties be reduced?

Sometimes penalties under DUI/DWI laws can be reduced like in case of offending the laws for the first time etc. In such cases, the accused can be penalized with either of the penalties, financial or jail or for a reduced period of time. The judge dealing with the case has discretionary powers to reduce these penalties on the basis of the facts in every individual case.

When do I need a DUI/DWI lawyer?

You need to hire a DWI or DUI lawyer whenever you are charged under these laws. After being charged under DWI law it is better to contact a Sugar Land criminal defense lawyer as soon as possible because these laws are very strict and can vary from one area to another. An experienced and well-qualified lawyer will provide you knowledge about the legal aspects of your DWI case. He can also give you advice if you have some doubts or considerations about your DUI case.

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