The Village

Our Presence in Mirissa Village

2005 … Installation of the association in the landscape of Mirissa. Year marked under the sign of solidarity and volunteerism.

In January, Eric and Emilia have sought to generate a self-help movement in the village. They created a village committee, including villagers and the Reverend, head of the Buddhist Temple of the devastated area.

They set up an office in Wasantha with a computer. Pradeep, permanent local association has done a tremendous job to pursue the identification of families in difficulty and get those files in the computer. The distribution of mattresses and cooking equipment is always happening inside the Temple.

In February 2005, a French team of eight volunteers joined them. They started the reconstruction site, they continued emergency assistance, and identification of families and people in need.

This presence structured in Mirissa also allowed multiple contacts with local authorities and NGOs.

Furthermore it has allowed many foreigners arriving isolated Mirissa, (Kay and Jack of England, Mirca and Alessandra Italy, Nicole, Andrea Germany, Switzerland Remy) to come join the Either our actions.

… Year 2006 marked under the sign of sustainability so that changes.
The association office is now located on the floor of a guesthouse (“Mother’s House”), near the house Wasantha who generously welcomed us initially. Volunteers have succeeded each other.

Jean-Pierre, throughout the first half, helped by Pradeep, Indrani and Wasantha, ensures a continued action.

In June, Geoffrey, new coordinator arrived on scene accompanied by Jean-Felix, back after a year.

Then Daniel mid September to deal with construction.

Emilia, association president came in September to join them in supporting their spots.
2006, in fact, was a year of upheaval in Mirissa.

The funds raised by international aid, so long to unlock reached mass on the ground earlier this year.

It was necessary to rethink our action and to adapt to this new environment.

So we decided to move towards helping the poor, or victims of the Tsunami which are very numerous in Mirissa and its surroundings.

Indeed, the two areas that concentrate the poorest families, or Bandaramulla Thalaramba were due to their geographical location (the bulk of its neighborhoods being built on a hill) almost completely spared by the tsunami.

This situation has resulted in a wide disparity and injustice to which we could not remain deaf, families in these neighborhoods regretting not having been affected by the Tsunami and so not eligible for any aid or listening various organizations present.